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Laura Volenik is a top-rated professional flute player available for weddings, parties, fundaraisers, corporate events, worship service, recording sessions and more! 

Live Music Boosts Your Fundraiser!

Americans donated more than $400 billion to charity in 2019. Dinners, auctions, and galas raised money for good causes. Live entertainment was a fixture at many of them. Planning a charity drive of your own? Here’s how live entertainment can market your fundraiser event.


1. Attract More Press

Hiring live music for your fundraiser increases the visibility of your event. You can include the name and a picture of your entertainer on all your marketing materials (flyers, emails, ads and so on) and attract the attention of local media. Newspapers might feature your event in their entertainment listings, too. This exposes your fundraiser to people who might not have heard about your charity before.


2. Stand Out From the Crowd

Hundreds of thousands of fundraising events are held every year in the United States as nonprofit organizations vie for the attention of the public. With competition so fierce, revenue from major fundraising events dropped by 5 percent in 2016. Hiring live music helps you stand out from the crowd.

3. Create Social Media Buzz

Choosing the right musician for your event will get everyone talking and encourage more people to attend your charity drive. The result? More donations and more money for good causes. Your entertainer can share details about your fundraiser on their

social media pages, too. The soloist, for example, can post a link to your donation page, where social media users can leave a charitable contribution. Facebook is currently the most used social media platform by nonprofits.

4. Create Excitement

Live entertainment turns a basic fundraiser into a must-attend event. Guests will look forward to the event and talk about it with their friends and family — a kind of worth-of-mouth advertising. If your guests enjoyed your live entertainment, they will also continue to talk about your event long after it’s finished — something that could boost long-term donations to your cause.

5. Support Your Charity’s Message

Good entertainers will captivate your crowd and keep guests interested at your event. They can help support the message of your organization, too. This can encourage more people to make a donation. Often, many live entertainers who perform at fundraisers want to help increase awareness about your cause. If your entertainer has any personal affiliation with your charity, you might want to include this in your marketing material.



6. Put Your Audience in a Charitable Mood

Live entertainment will put your guests in a good mood and leave them wanting to donate to your cause. Research suggests that people are more likely to give to good causes when they are happy. Booking the right type of entertainment for your special event can increase exposure, boost donations and help you reach social media users.



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